The Kibo Code Quantum Review

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Kibo Code Quantum is an exclusive 8-week training program. It is a newly launched e-commerce system that educates you to make money using unique lesson plans and training material. The makers claim that users can make $100k+ monthly.

  • Is it too good to be true?
  • Is it legit?
  • How much does it cost?

This comprehensive Kibo Code Quantum Review is meant to answer all your questions and help you understand what to expect from this e-commerce based training system.

What is Kibo Code Quantum?

It is an advanced training program to make money. It is a complete package for people who wish to start their online business within budget. It is an exact blueprint of a billion dollar brick and mortar store in Japan who know how to sell each product and make it profitable.

Kibo Code Quantum Training Area

It is for everyone from affiliate marketers to entrepreneurs. You don’t need any prior experience or skill set to create your 7 figure business. Everything you need to learn and build your product store is included in this training program. You get access to softwares, training materials, automatic systems, and community experts.

The formula to start an online business from scratch is proven and tested by the creators. This business model helped them to make huge profits and generate $40 million in revenue within a few years.

Who created it?

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are big names among the e-commerce affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs. They are known for their groundbreaking training programs and profitable e-commerce solutions. They have introduced several products to help people make money online and understand the online market.

But, recently they launched a more advanced training system that yields high return on investment. The program is tested and approved by many notable marketers in the digital industry.

Who is Steve Clayton?

Steve Clayton is a seasoned professional who bags years of experience in the digital marketing world. Over the years, he has studied the technology and its effects on the e-commerce landscape. After managing and directing some of the world-class corporations, he decided to start new business ventures with Aidan Booth.

Their experience and undivided attention to examine the possibilities of e-commerce solutions resulted in huge success.

Who is Aidan Booth?

Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth is more focused at gaining traction with his digital marketing strategies. He has created blueprints to increase organic traffic in partnership with Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton. After learning about what works for e-commerce stores and what not, he decided to share this knowledge with the world in the form of comprehensive digital training courses.

Aidan and Steve have created several training programs together. Some of them are:

Program Name


Price USD

60 days to 1k An ideal affiliate marketing training program for people willing to invest and learn how to make passive money. It includes training guides for self-publishing and promoting. $197
100k Factory An intensive blueprint for creating viral content and making high profits. It covers multiple digital marketing disciplines such as affiliate marketing, e-commerce products, ads, and more. $2497
100k Factory Ultra edition A software suite that provides tips and guides on how to increase conversion through videos and other promotional materials. $2497
100k Factory Revolution It is an e-commerce website builder. It includes tools and training materials to create websites within an hour. $2497
7 Figure Cycle A unique e-commerce formula designed to leverage online selling systems without websites or paid ads. $2497
The Trinity Code A training course and software for internet marketers and business owners. $2497
eFormula Evolution 11 week step by step training program with software tools and helpful content focused at increasing online revenue and conversions. $1497
Blackbird Suite An all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers along with tools and tips. $97/month
The Kibo Code Quantum Intensive e-commerce business setup and training program to create a profitable income source. $3497

Approach behind the program

Before we discuss the nitty gritty of this training system at length in the Kibo Code Quantum Review, it is important to learn about the approach that led to its genesis.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton recognized the potential of great marketing strategy with the help of a successful Japanese brick and mortar store.

kibocoequantum step by step

The store owners used a business model that helped them make huge profits from best-selling products and optimizing the underperforming products for more conversion. They also replaced the unsold products with new ones.

This approach led to the discovery of Kibo Code Quantum. The creators followed the blueprint and self-tested this program for two years. This model helped them to achieve success and increase their fortune.

Let’s head to the crux of the Kibo Code Quantum Review where you will be able to decide whether or not it is something you are looking for.

What are the contents of Kibo Code Quantum training?

Kibo Code Quantum has 7 important components that contain all the necessary information you need to scale your e-commerce business.


Central Intelligence
Hand-Picked Products
Profit Vault
The Traffic Black Box
Oracle X
Kibo Academy

To provide you an in-depth and honest Kibo Code Quantum review, we have discussed these components in detail. Although there are other components too, you will be explained other things during live training.

Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence is a step by step core component of this 8-week training program. The different training materials in these intensive components are termed as modules – Mind Maps, Kibo Strategy Manuals, Step-by-Step videos, live webinars, and many more.

The Kibo Code Quantum Central Intelligence

The modules are designed in such a way that you can build a profitable e-commerce business. It is based on successful strategies that help you make passive money and reap high profits over the years.

Following the step-by-step process as guided by the mentors, Aidan and Steve you can within 48 hours. Once the sales start rolling in, you can scale it for more conversion.


One of the best application softwares of the system is explained in this component. With just a click, you can create your store within 5 minutes using the Store Storm software. It is an automatic store building software that doesn’t require coding or programming experience. It reduces the struggles involved with creating funnels, landing pages, and website designing.

It comes with expert designed themes that are optimized for high conversion and traffic generation. One of the popular themes is called “Theme X” that results in high conversions. It is available for students only. Aidan and Steve tested it on over 50 sites and generated revenue worth millions of dollars. In short, this component kickstarts your business within minutes.

Hand-Picked Products

In the Central Intelligence component, the process of finding, adding, and selling high conversion products is introduced. For a breakthrough, you get 5 best-selling products. This is a DFY step that assigns 5 highest selling products to each student as it averts the competition.

The mentors reveal that you only need 3 best-selling items to generate a 4 figure revenue. The 5 handpicked products only make it better and if you follow all the instructions carefully, you might be able to make instant profits at an initial stage.

Profit Vault

Profit Vault is defined as a secret repository with more than 3 million products. You don’t need to stop at 5 highest selling products. It is possible to scale the business for profits when you have access to a database of millions of profitable products.

This software suite is like a gold mine as it does the groundwork for you. Not only you can identify and select the most profitable products for your store, but also best suppliers and ensure fast shipment.

With the help of Store Storm, add the product and its content in minutes. Analyze if it is selling or not, optimize and select other products, if required. Unlike other ecommerce store owners, you can save a lot of money, time and effort. You can analyze thousands of products and add them to the store using Profit Vault and Store Storm.

The Traffic Black Box

Traffic Black Box is your secret formula to get traffic. You get traffic from the best search engine – Google. In this component, you learn to generate highest quality traffic with purchase intent using Google Shopping.

This semi-automated process explains the Bings products ads strategies, effective sales funnel strategies, loopholes in Google Shopping, and effective strategies for retargeting. Once setup, the hardest part of the job is over.

With this secret traffic source training, you don’t have to hire copywriters, or worry about search engine optimization and PPC advertising. You double or triple your sales by drawing buyers to your store who are ready with their credit cards to make the purchase.

Oracle X

Oracle X is a powerful software suite that performs all the complex tasks. It saves time and effort by automating the most tedious processes. Here is what you will get in this component:

Domain Name Selector – It offers you suggestions for a brandable store domain name.

Proprietary Design Tool – It creates a free logo for our ecommerce store and reduces the extra cost of hiring graphic designers who charge 4-figures.

Automated Store Publishing – With this tool, you can quickly set up and publish your store without any programming skills or coding knowledge. In short, it does the work of a website developer.

The Product Populator – You need to build trust with your customers with a brandable store. This tool updates your store with products and gives a brandable look to your store which increases customer engagement and helps build trust.

List Builder – It will list all the selected products automatically with copy, text, and images.

All these powerful tools are important to increase the customer engagement. Subsequently, you can see a rise in sales and profits.

Kibo Academy

Kibo Academy, as the name suggests, is a 24*7 operational help desk for the students. It has a community of experts, coaches, and successful student entrepreneurs. They share their stories of success and failures, tips, strategies, and more.

The mentors and coaches are there to guide you throughout the training process and beyond. This component makes it possible to connect with them for quick response to your queries.

Apart from live training sessions and email chat, the exclusive member’ only community group is always a great option to communicate with the mentors, experts, and other students.

What is the members’ dashboard?

The Kibo Code Quantum Review explores the dashboard. The beforehand knowledge about this part might come in handy. From the dashboard area, you can access workshops, soft wares, training materials, tools, resources, updates, and more.

Upshot of contents of Kibo Code Quantum training

Here is the breakdown of the contents of the training program. The Kibo Code Quantum Review delivers value in this section as you’ll learn what to expect from the system.

  • Best training and live sessions by the expert mentors who have successfully created millions with this blueprint.
  • Application software to save time and effort. They help you make millions with proper instructions and automated tools.
  • Result oriented, optimised, tested, pre-designed themes
  • Built in product listing with engaging content
  • Access to a database of 3 million+ highly profitable products
  • Traffic generation tools with targeted buyer strategies
  • Control Centre for successfully building and running the store semi-automatically
  • Members only community group access
  • Expert support and coaching from mentors, experts, and students

How does it work?

The next important section included in the Kibo Code Quantum Review is the step-by-step process.

An overview of all the steps involved in the process to build your online store.

  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Install the store
  3. Add products and set up the store
  4. Make sales
  5. Set up delivery system
  6. Repeat the above steps to scale your online automated business and optimize for profits.

It is an effortless and unique training program. Anyone can follow the blueprint and profit from its helpful software, guides, and income generation tools.

  1. Purchasing a domain name doesn’t cost much. You probably know that already if you have a website. Aidan and Steve have created a tool that offers you the best suggestions based on your store niche. You can find the tool in the member’s dashboard area.
  2. Set up your store with pretty themes and required plugins. All the necessary softwares and tools are preloaded in the system and available in the software section.
  3. Now, the easiest yet most important step which is adding the products. There are more than 3 million products in the software, using the application software you can add the products. The products are not focused at a particular niche – you can find most profitable products here.
  4. Next step is to launch the website. As most of the things and parts are automated or pre-formatted, the struggle to add text, image, or other content reduces significantly.
  5. As introduced in the components section of the Kibo Code Quantum Review, you get access to untapped, underrated, and cheap traffic sources. So, this step is about getting valuable traffic for your store using the software.
  6. The blueprint is designed to eliminate tedious processes. One of them is managing inventory and delivery of the purchased products. But, creators with the help of USA based suppliers make drop-shipping least of your concern. They directly deliver the purchased items to the customers.
  7. The last step is more about highlighting the positives and negatives of all the steps than doing something. You have to optimize the product listings, discard the unsold products or make them profitable, keep and highlight your bestsellers. By repeating the process and finding out what works for customers and the winning products, you can increase your sales and make profits simultaneously,

Benefits of Kibo Code Quantum

We have covered the benefits of this advanced training model in the Kibo Code Quantum Review.

  • It provides a ready to use store building sytem without worrying about deliveries, gaining traction.
  • It makes traffic and generation and conversion super easy with a set of automatic tools.
  • It reduces the extra costs of hiring professionals such as designers, copywriters, and marketers.
  • It eliminates the complex procedures like buying the stocks, managing the inventories, and many more.
  • The softwares and resources required to build and generate revenue are included in the system.
  • There are training modules for everything that is required to build your store from scratch and turn it into a brandable, scalable, profitable source of income.

Pros and Cons

The Kibo Code Quantum Review creates a proper layout with all things you need to know to ensure if this system works for you. Take a look at pros and cons that we find must not go unnoticed for those interested in this 2 months training system.

Pros Cons
A tried and tested business model that helped the creators generate $40 million. For some people, the training fee can be expensive. Therefore, a second payment option of monthly installments is recommended.
No prior knowledge or e-commerce required to use this profitable blueprint. Most of the contents and course materials are in the “coming soon” phase. It would be better if they are launched as soon as possible. This will help people get beforehand knowledge about what they are signing up for.
Useful tools as additional sources to generate traffic and improve conversion rates. You need to invest in domain, store builders like Shopify, and plugins. These investments are necessary to build a profitable income source.
Support, guides, and suggestions from students and coaches who have used Kibo Code Quantum program to create successful business online. It is not a secret formula to get-rich-quick, but requires efforts and commitment on the trainee’s end
Live support and webinars for members to resolve issues and doubts in real time. The registrations are only available for a certain period of time every year with limited seat availability.
Bonus materials, and soft wares reduce extra costs. The initial training only starts after the end of the launch period.
Access to the community of internet experts and e-commerce masterminds.
You can always reach out for support via email and phone.
You can expect high return on investments within months, if the training is done properly.
The best part is they offer 30 day money back guarantee or full refund, no questions asked.


This section of the Kibo Code Quantum Review answers your doubts regarding its purchase. After reading this, you will be able to decide if the program is worth your hard-earned money.

It takes huge investments to establish and scale a million dollar company. This fact is synonymous with the true value of Kibo Code Quantum close to $49,476.

However, you can rest assured because with advancement in e-commerce solutions, you can always benefit from training programs and course materials created by Aidan and Steve.

Therefore, they offer a reasonable price of $3497 for Kibo Code Quantum. The novice entrepreneurs as well as bloggers and marketers can leverage it to generate high revenue.

There are two options for purchasing the program.

  • One-time payment of $3497 with an instant discount of $497.
  • Second option is instalments of $997 for four months. However, it costs more than the original price.

There is always a safe escape when making the purchases that you aren’t sure about. Thus, if it doesn’t work for you, the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee and no questions asked.


In addition to the early bird’s discount, you get several bonus materials and training guides on the purchase of the Kibo Code Quantum program. Most bonuses are focused at increasing traffic, tracking conversions, optimizing the website, and many more. Some of the bonus materials cost more than $4800 that are available to you for free.

My Verdict

This intensive training programme is designed with meticulous research and success-driven strategies. For people looking to quit their 9-5 jobs and start their own journey as entrepreneurs, this a boon. Although it sounds a bit expensive, if you analyse the benefits and possibilities of this program, you can create a 7 figure business quicker than usual by following the exact blueprint.

The best thing about this whole system is the creators have tested it and generated millions within a few hours. All the guides, softwares, and tools included in the program are exclusively created to make you a millionaire with proven strategies. In comparison to your conventional stores, this business model is a steal. Your investment in this 8 week training program to make millions in profits could be a wise choice if you are ready for it.